Brian Athey is the owner of @OnPointHQ and Creative DIrector at Push Digital . He currently lives in Houston, TX with his wife, Allyson, and kids, H, Ev, and Say. Purposeful, results-driven design is his passion, but when he’s not in front of a computer he’s an avid runner, an illustrator, and an aspiring BBQ champion.

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Clarity is a turn-key application that helps universities, businesses, and employees get back to work safely, in the face of COVID 19. Poolhouse was engaged by the team at E3 Health Solutions, who pioneered the software, to name and brand their health-tracking application. Delivering peace of mind through data and transparency, our work on Clarity helped E3 provide certainty in uncertain times. Full case study at


While working as Creative Director at Poolhouse, my team partnered with the Associated General Contractors of America to develop collateral for their annual convention in Las Vegas, part of the CONEXPO-CON/AGG industry expo. My role was to design the convention brand system, website, and trade show booth. We rounded out the engagement with branded swag and a mobile first web experience for seamless use during the event. Full case study at


The entrepreneurs at Settled, a New York based home organization company, came to us to get their lives in order. Settled had a solid business plan and a ton of moxie, but were missing a level of cohesion to bring the company to the next level. Their vision was spelled out in a deck full of jargon and charts and graphs that didn’t yet capture the genuine energy the founders were bringing to the table.We helped Settled articulate the heart of their brand, guiding them through a process that captured both the spirit and the purpose of their new venture. The results, a picture of perfection. Full case study at


Harbinger Strategies is a leading federal government and political affairs firm, providing best-in-class service to companies, trade associations, and advocacy campaigns. They approached us in late 2020 to make sure their holistic branding reflected those sentiments.
Full case study at


On Point Supply started as an excuse for me to design t-shirts and koozies for our annual hunting trips. Today it's an online marketplace and platform supporting American craftsmen and small businesses. Each month we feature a new, limited edition product and sell it until it's gone through organic, display, and email marketing. As an owner of the company, my role is to develop the brand story, website, and apparel. I also manage our social accounts and coordinate vendor strategies for eCommerce, video, and email marketing.


Founded by a husband and wife team in Denver, Colorado, Kush Climbing is a labor of love. The couple design hand-stitched crash pads and apparel for a thriving bouldering community. I worked with them to develop their company identity system, brand pillars, and slogan - along with a ton of promotional collateral and apparel.


I worked directly with the Campaign Inbox executive team to develop their marketing strategy, culminating in a sleek new logo and comprehensive brand standards. Our motto - "Clicking subscribe doesn't have to suck" - informed our decisions to build an approachable, fun, and collaborative company brand. I applied the new system to an identity set, pitch decks, and even app icons to help with their company launch in late 2018.


A data-science company on a mission to disrupt the way brands communicate and build coalitions, HUMN Behavior employs an abitious, talented team. As part of their brand re-fresh in 2020, they wanted to find ways to integrate their new branding into a thriving culture . My approach was to create employee swag bags, and design what ultimately became an apparel line of functional, wearable items. Employees bought in, and now regularly rock their branded apparel both in and out of the office.


I love the dynamics and challenges of working with startups. Blendata was an application for corporations, advertisers, and campaign operatives to marry dozens of data sources into manageable, actionable information. My role was to help articulate the tech savvy nature of the brand into a silicon-valley-inspired logo mark and app icon. I also worked extensively with the product team to refine user experience while maintaining a minimal and intuitive interface design. The results speak for themselves. Blendata was acquired in early beta.


West Texas royalty companies are a dime a dozen. The founders at Arroyo wanted to provide their customers with an elite experience based on trust and world-class service. The branding had to match. So, they recruited me in early 2019 to create an elegant brand system that still felt  approachable and uniquely Texan.


One of my favorite projects to date was working with the founders of Worth It to name, brand, and develop their sophisticated eCommerce product. The idea was simple enough: an app that allows you to set your own price while you shop, then uses that information to negotiate discount pricing with preferred vendors across the internet. The execution, however, was hugely challenging. As a design lead at Always Creative in 2013, my role was to map the user experience and develop screen flows for on-boarding, product pricing, and curation. Worth It launched and was promptly acquired in 2014.


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